The June edition of the UPotential webinar series entitled “Marriage Vows, Instead of Money Woes” discussed some of the reasons why money breaks up so many relationships and offers some suggestions to help couples establish a good money partnership or repair a poor one.

One of the strategies that we focus on in our retirement planning engagement is tax-efficient harvesting. This article discusses some of these strategies in broad strokes.

If you are anything like me, springtime’s warmer weather brings with it a renewed optimism about our physical surroundings. “Spring cleaning” helps us to dust away the soot and the cobwebs that accumulate during winter’s hibernation and rejuvenate us for the precious summer months ahead.

Unlike most recessions, the pandemic has targeted industries dominated by women. In a world where a gender-based wage gap still exists, the statistics presented in this article also foreshadow a leaner retirement for women.

I have been working with clients preparing for, undergoing and recovering from divorce and separation throughout my career. Most approach the decision to change their family structure with fear and sadness…

When I initially read this article, I reacted a bit skeptically because celebrating vigilance with regards to travel spending is irrelevant to me right now due to the pandemic. However, if I lay my skepticism aside and simply read the suggestions that the author makes, it takes me back to my initial budgeting days which have long-since become ingrained habits.

I have fielded a lot of questions about borrowing to invest lately. This article explains some very important concepts that contribute towards the confidence that is required for leveraged investing.

Our tax reporting deadline is fast approaching. Proactive tax planning is far better than scrambling to enact a tax planning strategy retroactively.

A few years ago, there was a campaign to improve adolescent mental health called “Dear 16-yer old me”. You may recall that this campaign revolved around the reassurance we could give our hormone-crazed, moody selves that life would be more manageable one day.

“RRSP season” in Canada is the first 60 days of the calendar year when advisors focus on the tax-planning benefits of contributing to RRSPs. The deadline is nearly upon us and I would like to suggest that we pivot the conversation to “Retirement Readiness”…