Sometimes we spend so much time preparing for what’s to come, that we forget to maximize the joy in our every day.

From the practical point of view, nothing beats the feeling of reassurance that a solid bank balance and investment portfolio provides.  As Ms. Benz describes in this article, not having to live on a budget – because we have become accustomed to an affordable and satisfying standard of living – comes a close second.

Rising interest rates can be a motivating factor for many in paying of a mortgage, but there are pros and cons to using TFSA savings.

The real reason you’re still working could be a variety of issues – and it’s up to you to figure out why and to find out if you can stop.

Over the past 25 years, charitable donations in Canada have experienced substantial growth, primarily driven by higher-income Canadians. However, this positive trend will be affected by the introduction of new tax laws; which will reduce the tax advantages for donating securities.

In this brief 3-minute video, we discuss the importance of future thinking in creating a lifestyle that we aspire to have.

Responsible cash management starts with how you pay for transactions. This article provides some interesting examples of reasons to carry some cash, some credit cards but not too many of each. 

Well-meaning friends and family members are full of advice and support when we are pursuing that ambitious goal or that risky next step. Some might ask, “what’s the worst that can happen?”. While seemingly supportive and encouraging, research has shown that the appropriate retort is, “what’s the best that can happen?”

Young Canadians who are carrying mortgages have been disproportionately affected by the rapid rate of interest rate increases. Although interest rate increases were foretold (don’t tell me they weren’t since you had to qualify for the mortgage and pass a stress-test!), the fact of the matter is that home ownership provides many Canadians with a feeling of security and future building that no other asset can provide. 

Financial planning should be about focusing on the values YOU want to live by today, tomorrow and into the future then under-writing the costs of making them come true.