What Generation Z Wants From Financial Technology

This article was published earlier this year and discusses “fintech” – financial technology – and its impact on consumers. The article highlights the attraction of Gen Z investors to these platforms. Although Gen Z investors were accustomed to low interest rates, they saw previous generations buckle under the weight of significant debt. In Canada, for example, the personal debt-to-income ratio is 170%; meaning that for every dollar you earn, the average Canadian consumer owes $1.70. With inflation and interest rates rapidly increasing over the last few months, these newer investors are opting for the “real-time” feedback that these technologies provide. Imagine, for instance, technology that analyzes your cash flow and can tell you at point of sale whether the transaction you are considering is affordable or not. Imagine too, the immeasurable benefit that this could provide if the technology could prevent overspending and over-borrowing.

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