Real Luxury Goods Don’t Have Brand Names

Growing up, our family had just enough.  Not enough to buy the iconic Beneton polo that I wanted so badly; but we didn’t starve and we had clothes on our backs (shout out to BiWay!).  When I was studying for my CFP accreditation exam, I promised myself that I would buy something special if I passed.  The item I coveted: a Montblanc writing instrument.  Fast forward 20+ years and I am practicing CFP and have still not purchased that Montblanc pen though I can afford it more easily today.  Why?  Some of the reasons are personal and others are practical.  From the practical point of view, nothing beats the feeling of reassurance that a solid bank balance and investment portfolio provides.  As Ms. Benz describes in this article, not having to live on a budget – because we have become accustomed to an affordable and satisfying (read: not extravagant) standard of living – comes a close second.

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