Nearly Half of Millennials Live Paycheck to Paycheck

I will never understand why people like to classify entire swaths of the population and make conclusions on them based solely on age.  There are those millennials who are driven and those who are less so.  There are millennials who act professionally in the work world and those that act more casually.  The broad-stroke prejudices do not serve anyone.  While reading this article, I was struck by the description of the challenges that young people face and it occurred to me that some employers could do better in addressing them.  If you are an employer of young people, or know a decision-maker in your company, may I suggest initiating financial education programs (in full disclosure: I offer some) to help younger people make financial decisions that are sustainable for their age and stage of life?  Also, variable compensation packages such as bonuses and deferred profit-sharing programs help young people to distinguish between their regular salaries (that must cover every-day necessities and lifestyle) from these periodic payments which can be used to aggressively pay down debt or accumulate wealth.  The best thing about variable compensation programs is that the employer has the flexibility to reduce or skip payments if the employee, team or company has not performed up to expectations.

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