The message of this article is (unfortunately) universal right now: “don’t touch your face, don’t touch your (edit: 401k) RRSP.”


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One of the most contentious issues for separating spouses and common-law partners is how to support two households when many had difficulty managing one. In costly cities such as Toronto and Vancouver, purchasing separate properties can be down-right impossible. A recent change to the treatment of the Home Buyer’s Plan upon relationship breakdown may ease the burden.


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Although we like to focus on the joy and excesses of the season, a year-end must remind us of some looming deadlines as well. With increasing wealth accumulated in RRSP and RRIF accounts and their punitive tax treatment upon death, it is important to note that there are some time-limited rules that must be respected when distributing funds from the deceased’s registered accounts. Delays could tamper with the spousal and qualifying beneficiary rollover provisions and should be avoided wherever possible.


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