In this brief 3-minute video, we discuss the importance of future thinking in creating a lifestyle that we aspire to have.

Responsible cash management starts with how you pay for transactions. This article provides some interesting examples of reasons to carry some cash, some credit cards but not too many of each. 

Young Canadians who are carrying mortgages have been disproportionately affected by the rapid rate of interest rate increases. Although interest rate increases were foretold (don’t tell me they weren’t since you had to qualify for the mortgage and pass a stress-test!), the fact of the matter is that home ownership provides many Canadians with a feeling of security and future building that no other asset can provide. 

This week’s article introduces the topic of a “second retirement”. It refers to the period after the death of the first spouse when the survivor must tend to household, financial and health matters alone.

It’s easy to get caught up in jargon when you work in finance. There is no shortage of acronyms (RRSP, CPI, HISA…) and there are a lot of terms thrown around (bullish, bearish, doveish, hawkish). This article introduced a new one to me: “the five year, five year forward”. No wonder people stop listening. The terms that are most important are the ones that affect you and your household.

You wouldn’t call me a voracious reader but I my nightstand always has a book and a pen on it. Interestingly, I just finished Morgan Housel’s book “The Psychology of Money” and took copious notes. The book, which is mentioned in this article, discusses various ways in which our attitudes and tendencies can enhance or detract from our ability to accumulate wealth.

In this brief 3-minute video, we give you a look ahead to some important tax considerations for 2023.

Declaring a recession is only possible when we are looking back at the previous quarters’ economic performance. So, whether we are in a recession, approaching a recession or the magnitude of any recession that does appear, resilience is key.

Revisiting your tax strategy towards the end of the year is a terrific way to use the benefit of hindsight and market movements to optimize your strategy.