Building a Whole Life, Not Just a Career

All too often, the conversation veers towards the elements of their current daily lives that they can’t wait to get past. Less-than-satisfying workdays, endless chores and heavy responsibilities at home rob clients of joy every day. They speak longingly of “retirement” as a time in which they will live their best lives. Having spoken to hundreds of clients over a 20 year career, I have the unique position of describing ways in which clients can bring some of those joyful moments to their lives today. I can determine whether they can outsource some chores and responsibilities to make room for more happiness now.
I can encourage clients to consider booking “bucket list” experiences now – while they are healthy enough to enjoy them – even if this means that they need to work a bit longer to replenish the funds. This article uses a “stop-light” trope (red, yellow and green) to explain how to structure each day to incorporate more green (go!) elements.

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